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Your bedroom is inevitably a room that takes the overflow from other parts of the house, so you will need to include as much storage as you can to accommodate everything you use daily. Add to that the fact that it also has to fit in the largest pieces of furniture you’ll probably own – a bed and dressers or perhaps wardrobes – and you’ll realize you’ve got a challenge on your hands. Follow these tips to make the most of your space. 


Firstly, work out the position of your bed; assuming it’s a double bed, both sides should be accessible (so don’t push the bed against a wall). If the ceiling slopes, check there’s enough headroom at either side of the bed. Also, ensure that the bedroom door doesn’t open onto the bed and that you can open closet doors or drawers easily. If space is tight, avoid a high bed with footboards or posts; a low, minimally furnished bed makes a room feel bigger. If you can pick a bed with drawers beneath for extra storage o free up floor space in the room, so much the better


Freestanding wardrobes, whether in matching pairs or not, will sit naturally in alcoves, often opposite the bed. If you have one large wardrobe, site it centrally on a straight wall for a balanced look. Fitted wardrobes – much better use of space – are ideal if your room has awkward angles, such as sloping ceilings or an unused chimney breast. A wardrobe placed against a window will block out light, but if you have to site it there for reasons of space, pick it in a light material or with a mirrored front to enhance the light in the room.


Bedside tables are all about creating a balanced look and should always come in pairs—they don’t have to match exactly, but they should be similar in size. If you think you only have room for one bedside table, try sliding the bed across slightly and fitting in two mini tables or table-height shelves instead so that you don’t throw off the room’s balance.


If your bedroom is large, consider matching chests of drawers to sit on each side of the bed in place of bedside tables. This option will give you plenty of storage for lamps, books, and clothes that don’t need to be hung. If there’s room for only one chest of drawers, place it centrally on an empty wall and put a mirror above it as a focal point. It can also double as a vanity, but without a chair. If it has to share a wall with a wardrobe, buy one that matches the depth and style of the wardrobe for a streamlined appearance. Or, for a sleek look, place it within a run of built-in wardrobes. 


If your bedroom is big enough to hold all the essential furniture you require comfortably and you still have plenty of floor space, a vanity is a real luxury item to include. Ideally, it should be placed where the natural daylight is good—in a bay window (with a stand-alone mirror) or at right angles to a flat window (with a wall-hung mirror), for example. Ensure that there’s room to sit comfortably in a chair at the vanity and that there is sufficient space for a partner to move around behind it.

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